Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Workin' it.

I've been fortunate to have some unique jobs in my lifetime, and these jobs have provided me with fun and random experiences. From delivering fancy golf clubs to high-level executives during my internship, hob-knobbing with gubernatorial candidates, getting into bidding wars on video game systems on Ebay, or going to concerts as part of a sales pitch, I've had some pretty noteworthy work experiences.  I've pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck at every job, but I have some good stories (I need to find a way to make these stories into something lucrative!)

Last night I had another cool experience while working "crowd control" for a private Matt & Kim concert. I say "crowd control" because I honestly didn't have to do anything other than hope that no one dropped any of the crowd-surfing students. I mean, we didn't want to be fun Governors and try to STOP the crowd surfing, we just wanted to make sure those who participated didn't get dropped on their head. Everyone was really well-behaved and seemed to have a great time!

In case you've never heard of Matt & Kim here's a look:

Matt & Kim - Daylight from Daniel H on Vimeo.

They are super fun to see live. They are fun, energetic, and really seem to be thankful that the crowd is there to see them perform. It's super duper cute.

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