Sunday, February 13, 2011

Undiscovered Talent?

Back in the fall of 2010, I purchased a Groupon for a 4 week pottery throwing class. I've always been intrigued by pottery throwing, not just because of Ghost, but because I heard it was a really tough thing to do, but highly satisfying.

I had my first class on Thursday and made these little guys!  They aren't big enough for anything of substance/worth, like cereal, soup, or ice cream, but might make lovely holders for my paper clips or something of the sort. Next week we'll trim them, then we'll glaze them, and if nothing disastrous happens during those steps, they'll be all mine!

I am pretty proud of myself, in case you couldn't tell. SORRY. I usually don't toot my own horn (at least I don't think I do...maybe I do and I'm just an arrogant asshole?) but the teacher said "Wow...that's really good for your first time at the wheel." about the first one (the top one). I replied "WOW!  Really?!"  At the end of class he told me "Nice work...most people don't make anything their first class."

Pottery throwing is hard work ya'll. It's funny that I'm starting this two weeks before my doctor's appointment to get to the bottom of my shoulder/neck/back issue, as this activity works the exact same areas that are giving me angst. Such is life!

This sort of relates to the NaBloPoMo theme of character because I've been trying to be a more optimistic person about my life. As the teacher was at the wheel, showing me the beginning steps (I was just watching) I thought to myself "Hey...maybe you'll pick this up cool would that be?!" In the past I would have watched him effortlessly make a shape on the wheel, something totally unfamiliar to me, and would have thought "AS way will you be able to do that." (yes, apparently I quote dialogue from Clueless in my head.)  Positive thinking, I haz it.

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