Friday, February 11, 2011

The Fighter: or the movie that makes you hope a 90's fashion revival never happens

This movie taught me a couple things:
  1. The fashion of the 90s was really, really unflattering and unsightly.
  2. What's worse than the fashion of the 90s, however, is the hair of the 90s. The Ward sisters had some NASTY business going on on top of their heads.  
  3. If you are a female from the Midwest, South, or the Western states of the United States, you'll probably sound a bit trashy and "rough" if you swear an excessive amount. However if you're a woman from Boston, or a suburb of Boston, swearing a lot will make you sound really fucking cool, will help you get what you want out of life, and will prevent people from messing with you.
  4. Even if someone were to offer me crack and put a lot of social pressure on me to try it, "C'mon, just once..." I would never do it, because that shit seems too hard to quit. I get annoyed and whine when I develop a headache from not getting my daily (small) dose of caffeine first thing in the morning: I seriously doubt I'd be able to survive a serious detox. When I gave up chocolate for Lent I felt crabby and lost for about seven straight days.  Kids, just say no to drugs.
I really loved this movie. It was entertaining and heartfelt and had an unbelievable message of determination and persistence. I think anyone who blames other people for everything bad that happens to them should see this movie.  Look at Micky!  His mother appeared to favor Dicky, his sisters were deadbeats who talked trash to his woman, his brother/trainer was a strung out crack addict who was responsible for Micky getting his hand busted up by the cops.  DRAMZ.

The acting was IMMACULATE. Marky-Mark, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo, Amy Adams, sisters, etc., all did an amazing job acting like a crazy wacked-out family.  I wholeheartedly believe Melissa Leo deserves an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  I loved Amy Adams in this movie, and hope to live my life with a little more Charlene (IE - tough girl who says what she means and gets what she wants), but Melissa Leo's performance blew me away.

My advice: SEE IT NOW.  If you don't like fighting you might have to cover your eyes a bit at the boxing parts, but you'll be okay. Trust.

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