Tuesday, February 22, 2011

True Grit: or the movie that people who are afraid of snakes should avoid

I did not know that people in the wild west did not use contractions. The language in this movie was so very formal and kind of fabulous. I especially enjoyed when Rooster Cogburn said "I do not like that man." I cannot remember who it was about (he did not seem to like anyone, really) but I thought it sounded so frank and direct and I was jealous of him for that.

After seeing True Grit I tried to go a full week without using contractions but it was not easy and I am sure I failed. I already have been trying to remove words like "gonna" from my vocabulary (you know it has become an epidemic when it is the word actors and actresses use in commercials instead of "going") so it was extra taxing to try to use full words for everything. If you have not noticed, I have not used a single contraction yet in this post and let me tell you: typing has been slower than normal. Also, my inner voice while writing this post sounds a lot like Mattie Ross's voice. ODD.

Besides listening to full words for the whole movie, my favorite part was when my friend and I both noticed a movie mistake (perhaps?) at the same time. I mean, she charged into a river on horseback, one would not expect her clothes (and horse) to dry so quickly, would they?  Did anyone else notice that?

This movie was entertaining while I watched it, but I cannot say I have really thought about it much since, except to think "Wow, that little Hailee Steinfeld sure can act" and "I am so glad I have easy access to a shower and beauty products."  Hailee was amazing as Mattie Ross (and Mattie Ross was pretty bad-ass herself) and very deserving of her nomination, although I do not think she should win. No one wants to peak that early.

Regarding the shower/beauty product thought, I am all for a simple routine but I just cannot imagine having to sleep outside in my clothes, then wear the clothes every day for who knows how long.  I am sure you would get used to the sense of griminess, but I am very  happy I do not have to. I am sure that might make me sound prissy or shallow, but I am really not either of those things. Well, not fully.

Final note: if you are afraid of snakes, do not see this movie unless you want to be even more afraid of snakes.  And if you love horses, please know that the American Humane Association certified this movie with the "No animals were harmed" designation. THANK GOODNESS, I honestly could not stop wondering when I walked out of the theater and had to look it up when I got home.

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House of Jules said...

Do you listen to Fresh Air, Kris? It's my fave show on NPR. Terry Gross interviewed the Coen brothers a couple of weeks ago, and they did talk about the treatment of the horses. Here's the link: http://www.npr.org/2011/01/12/132744499/coen-bros-on-wet-horses-kid-stars-its-a-wild-west