Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inception: or the one that made me even more concerned about my weird dreams.

I totally dropped the ball on this movie and didn't see it when it was in theaters, although I was super intrigued by the idea of it and love pretty much every actor and actress in it.  Therefore, I think some of the awesomeness of the special effects may have been lost in the transition from big screen to television (although my new TV is EXPONENTIALLY better than my old TV, which is one reason why my TV seems to be on more often).

I watched this movie by myself, which I knew wouldn't be the best idea. It is not as if it's scary, but it's a total conversation starter (since you're all "WTH?" for a lot of the movie) and something you might want to deconstruct with an equally curious friend.  I felt a little frustrated that I couldn't talk about it with anyone, but whatev.  But if you haven't seen it yet, and plan to, I'd recommend renting it with a friend/S.O./family member/another human.

As I have possibly mentioned before, I have really bizarre dreams. A long time ago when getting my tarot cards read, it was combined with a palm reading. As soon as I flipped my palms over, the reader said "OHHHHH...are you aware you have psychic powers?" Apparently I have the shape of the letter "M" in both palms, which stands for "mystic" and indicates a certain level of prescience (this has not been confirmed nor denied by any other reader, as I'd rather not know whether or not it's true). This was the first time I'd ever heard that, but I did recall several times where something I dreamt came true shortly after.  Also, I recall hearing that a relative used to be a fortune teller.  In short, the reader told me to pay careful attention to my dreams and intuition, because I will receive strong messages through those channels.  That would be all well and good, however I have the WACKIEST dreams, so apparently the messages I am receiving is that I'm bat-shit crazy.

I don't want to give anything away, but I feel I have to discuss some themes from the movie, so if you don't want spoilers, stop reading now.

Seriously.  I don't want to spoil it.

Still here?  Okay...I warned you!

This movie reminded me a bit of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  That movie was all about erasing memories of a person, but when they discussed Leo's character being in "limbo" and how his wife killed herself because she thought she was stuck in a dream (because if you are in a dream and get killed, you just wake up and enter back into reality), it reminded me of that. What I got from the movie is that Leo and his wife, played by Marion Cotilliard, got stuck in limbo while on assignment, and while there they created a dream world for themselves, but when they woke up, she thought reality was really a dream, because she got so attached to the dream world?  Am I missing this?

Maybe it was a warning against daydreaming/wishing for more and a reminder to be thankful of what you have?  Also when she would show up uninvited into his dream-assignments, I was all "Leo, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!" not because I have a husband who killed himself due to not being sure if he was really awake or dreaming, but because I know ALL ABOUT uninvited guests in my dreams.  Srsly.  So the parallels between ESOTSM were that he clearly had to ask her to leave the dream, but could he?  Would that erase all the good memories they had together?

Clearly I still need to have a sit-down with someone about this movie, because writing this post is making me want answers. I can't develop answers on my own because I'm not even sure if, at the end of the movie, he is awake or dreaming.  Sheesh.  CONFUSED.  But it was a cool movie.  I really enjoy movies that pop into my head at random occasions and make me go "Hmmm."

Final thought: Ellen Page must be about 4'9, because she looked a LOT shorter than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and I think he's maybe 5'4.  Indie gods and goddesses are always so little!


Siren_song said...

What? No thoughts on the spinning top at the end?

Kristen said...

Ahhh, of course. Perhaps this is the optimist in me, but I think the camera ended early. I think it stopped spinning.