Monday, February 21, 2011

Passive aggressive works for me.

So ya'll showed me! I posted a pretty random post, rife with grammatical errors, because I didn't think anyone would see it on Sunday (thanks to Google Analytics, I know it's the slowest day for zero the Sunday before) but you apparently wanted to prove me wrong.  Thanks!

My weekend was lame, but at the same time quite fun.  Lame in the sense that I wasn't at all social (I was supposed to have brunch w/pals yesterday but it got canceled because someone was ill), but fun in the sense that I was able to shake off the full moon (the moon was wiggity-wack and super cool looking for the past week, but it definitely made things wonky) and get a things accomplished that I wanted to get accomplished, like an eye brow tint and wax at Benefit (such a treat - when do I have to stop treating myself for Valentine's Day?), a car wash (yes, just before the rain!), and making lasagna in my slow cooker (love it...ask me on Friday after I've had lasagna e'ryday.)

I rented Winter's Bone from Red Box and was all set to watch it Saturday, however I got a bad copy that wouldn't play past the previews, so that's on hold. I have no complaints, I sent an email to Red Box and they were really prompt in getting back with me AND they gave me codes for free rentals, but it has put a bit more pressure on me for the week.  Don't worry, I have Best Picture nominated movie reviews for you this week and I WILL succeed at my goal of seeing all the nominees before Sunday.  It might be a half-hour before the Academy Awards start, but no matter...I WILL SUCCEED.

I'm going to two concerts this week.  First up is Alexi Murdoch at Lincoln Hall (tonight) and on Saturday I'll be partying DEEEEEEETTRRRROOOOOIIIIITTTTT style with Kid Rock at the United Center.  I also HAVE to go to yoga and exercise and grade a bunch of speeches and finish a bunch of projects at work and OMG, I'd better go jump on it.

Happy Monday!  Chicago people - DON'T FORGET TO VOTE TOMORROW (if you didn't early vote).

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