Sunday, February 20, 2011

No one really reads on Sunday...

Thanks to Google Analytics, I knows ev'ryone has better things to do on Sunday dem read dis here blog, so I'm just gonna use poor gramma's and word choiz an share some linx from the week.

If you are an indie muzak prsn like me, I'm sure you've seen this site. It's been rill rill hilarious to see people all in an uproar over two reasons: 1) people who've never heard of Arcade Fire are outraged that they were able to win Album of the Year at the Grammy's, and 2) people who knew Arcade Fire, regardless of if they are a fan of the band or not, are outraged that a lot of people were not familiar with them until they won a Grammy.

I had mixed emotions over their win. On one hand, it's nice to see the genre of music I like the best get some attention.  On the other hand, I usually watch the Grammy's to satisfy my pop streak, but overall make fun of the show and grumble that the music industry is easily bought and overly manufactured. So, AF winning a Grammy is sort of like " I supposed to think the Grammy's are cool again?"

Anyway you slice it, I knew it wouldn't take long before something like this existed.

Dooode, writing in por gramz is totes not easy. 

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