Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twitter showdown.

Last night I went to a show at a concert venue/restaurant in Chicago.  I used to work at said concert venue/restaurant, so I was able to see some of my old coworkers and got hooked up with an AMAZING spot (like maybe the best in the house) from which to watch the show.

After the concert (which was Florence and the Machine, who were awesome and who you should see if they come to your town, because her voice is truly magnificent and she has an adorable yet quirky stage presence that totally won me over) we went into this private bar area to have another drink and catch up with friends.  As we were finishing our drink, the operations manager asks one of my friends (who still works there) "Did you see that woman who was sitting at the end of the bar?  She complained that the sound/her view were awful and apparently put bad things about us all over her Twitter...technology is weird!"

Technology, ya'll, is totally weird. I mean, this woman hadn't even left the building yet she was telling everyone (well, her followers) about what she considered bad sound and called the venue one of her "least favorite" in Chicago.  I thought the sound was awesome, as it was rich and full but not so loud that I had to wear my earplugs (I practice safe music).  I sent one tweet from inside the music hall but made sure to give the venue an extra shout-out when I got home.

Do you tweet about bad experience when you think you've received it?  Do you think it has an impact?

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Stargirl said...

Technology has defiantly affected the way we find information. I think if one of my friends twittered something bad about a place, it would put me off going there. But then again if we had met up face to face, I still would have found out the info anyway. I think twitter just makes it so much quicker.
Although that is bad for this particular place, think about how much faster good/positive news gets out as well.