Sunday, April 11, 2010

Minimalism Update

In my head, I'm living my life in an apartment that looks like it was torn from the pages of Dwell magazine or Design Sponge online, but in reality, I'm totally not.

April is a crazy month with visits home (Opening day!), trips to Cincinnati (academic conferences!), and a trip to New Orleans (Jazz Fest! Beignets! Alligators! Snakes!).  We are only eleven days deep into April but I can tell you this...things are not looking very minimal in these parts (these parts being my apartment).  These parts are looking like the result of a major forest massacre, with piles of annoying papers on too many spaces (living room table, bedroom desk, kitchen table).  I find it all annoying and unpleasant and find the way I deal with this annoyance and unpleasantness is to look at it disdainfully.  As you may guess, this has little to no effect on piles of paper (I say "little to no" because c'mon...I don't know if they have feelings) and ALAS they are still there, even after hateful looks of contempt.

Seriously though, I'm into this idea of living minimally.  When I get around to putting away my winter clothes (Chicago weather, how about a little cooperation?) I am really going to try to not put away things I didn't wear this past winter, and instead put them in a pile to donate.  I will update you as the story develops.

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