Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh rly?

Wednesday night when I was leaving class (did you know I teach?) with one of my students (did you know I teach college students?), we were approached by a Chicago police officer who said "Are you two students?" I thought maybe he was going to alert us to a pick-pocketer/bag stealer who was on the loose or maybe let us know something about the CTA, so I answered "She's a student, I'm an instructor..."


"You a teacher?" inquired one of Chicago's finest.

I quipped "I am, but I'm super flattered you thought I might be a student..." *bats eyelashes* (I like to keep police officers on my good side)

"Oh...then I can't ask you ladies this a good night..." he stammers awkwardly.

I hate when people do that, especially when I feel like maybe he thought I wasn't cool anymore since I said I was a teacher (I have issues, we know this), so I state "Wait...I can plug my ears if you want to ask her a question!" (clamps Old School-style earmuffs over my ears)

Mr. CPD totally takes the bait and asks my cute, sweet, innocent sophomore student "Do you know where I can buy term papers?"


Is a uniformed police officer really trying to pull this?!  Was I randomly part of a sting operation, or was he REALLY AND TRULY TRYING TO CHEAT?!  While wearing his UNIFORM?

WWMDS? (What would Mayor Daley say)

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