Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Big Picture.

When I love a television show, I love it with a passion usually reserved for trashy romance books or Celine Dion songs. I know all the details about the characters; their hobbies, their family members names, the names and details of their ex's, etc. and honestly hope things work out for them.

From August 2001 until February 2004 I lived with roommates, making splitting a cable bill a pretty natural decision.  Prior to that, I either got cable at home or in my various college lodgings.  In February 2004, while setting up utilities for my own apartment, I decided "Shit...this cable business is expensive."  Since I had never been a frequent television watcher, even though I was (past tense, yes) a voracious consumer of pop culture, I decided to go on a trial run for a couple months to see how much I missed it.  Turns out, I didn't, and here we are more than six years later and I watch digital television through a converter box on a cheap TV purchase for under $200 at Sam's Club (one of the companies I refer to as an "evil empire").  When forced to miss my favorite shows I program my VCR so I can watch it later (unless I can get the episode for free online the next day.) Retro much?!

The first show I can recall falling madly in love with was the Cosby Show (I have to say "recall" because apparently I was a big fan of Sesame Street and Wonder Woman, but details are fuzzy).  The Huxtable's seemed like such a fun family and I wanted my dad to wear crazy sweaters like Cliff (he kinda does now).  In the latter years of high school, I was OBSESSED with Friends and was pretty sure Chandler Bing was the PERFECT man for me.  This obsession lasted throughout college, which probably explains a lot of my college crushes.  During my last few months of college and into my first couple years post-college, Pacey Witter became my definition of a perfect man (this reflection is so eye-opening) and Dawson's Creek was a show I obsessed over with close friends.  Another favorite was the OC, but that didn't last many seasons (but was, of course, an all-encompassing love, especially for early-Seth Cohen).

I didn't start watching LOST when it first aired, but caught the series when ABC ran it in the summer.  I was sorta like "This is wacky...Matthew Fox is sooooo hot" and kept tuning in week after week.  Soon, I was a total Lostie.  The day after an episode I would read recap blogs in order to see what hidden meanings the reviewer got out of the episode and poured through the comments on the post to see what other people came up with.  While I never really got into thinking of my own theories, I really enjoyed reading other peoples and spreading what I read to other fans of the show.

As we are four episodes away from the FINAL! EPISODE! The SERIES! FINALE!, I am a little put off.  What the hell is happening on this show?  I find it weird that I'm getting so frustrated, as I never batted an eye when there was a POLAR BEAR on the island or a SMOKE MONSTER that would seemingly take pictures of people's souls or a GIANT LOWER LEG STATUE or TIME TRAVEL or the fact that Hurley NEVER once seemed to lose a pound although the food selection was not always up to par with a four-star hotel.  I sorta would be all "Oh Lost!  You crazy beast!" and geek out thinking of what the blogs would have to say the next day.

I think my frustration is partially the faulty of the Gossip Girl writers.  GG was another one of my absolute favorite shows, not only for the eye candy actors but for the clothes, great music, the funny parties, and the overall moral casualness of the characters.  It's always been a little smutty in the most delicious way.  This season, however, has disappointed me.  Not only are the clothes not that great, but the GG music supervisor seems to look through my old mix CD's in order to pick music for the show.  Yes, this does make me feel totally cutting edge, but I wish I was getting some sort of finder's fee for my good picks.  Also the writing is HORRIBLE and I can generally predict what will happen every second of the episode.  But yes, I'm still watching, as I am a little intrigued by the potential Serena/Little J showdown.

Do any of you watch Lost (or Gossip Girl?)  What do you think?  Are you sticking with it/them to the bitter end?

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