Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting out of dodge.

Today I had to venture to a western suburb for a retail "interview". I'm trying to put a lot of balls in the air and basically trying to line up whatever I can to make sure I don't end up homeless and desolate.  I mean, I hope I don't really ever get in danger of being homeless but WE NEVER KNOW.  I bet most homeless people thought the same thing.  True?

While trying to venture out the Windy City, I once again got horribly F*CKING ANNOYED at how difficult it is to get around.  Sometimes I feel like getting out of the city of Chicago is so challenging it's like we are on an island. Or in jail.  Alcatraz, perhaps?

Maybe it's because I am, as I mentioned, a girl who likes to drive. I like to put my foot on the gas and GOOOO, not have my foot constantly hovering over the brake while putzing around at 12 MPH on a road where the speed limit is like 55/60/whatever-I-damn-well-please.

Lately I've kinda been thinking that I'd like to live in a less populated area, where a trip to the store less than 2 miles from your house doesn't take at least 45 minutes.  But then I think "...but where?" and I get all wistful and forlorn and angsty and usually end up checking Twitter.  Some people have therapists.  I have Twitter.  Diversion is my favorite remedy.


Faisal said...

Dear you. I've been procrastinating from my work and keep clicking the "next blog" button and stumbled upon your blog. I noticed you said you like to drive.

I like to drive too. Its badass.

Good luck finding places to drive!

Jen said...

1. You will never be homeless. If you find yourself in dire straights, I'd gladly offer you my apartment. 2. I get wistful too. I wish I was one of those people that could just pick up and move and travel all the time. Maybe someday when I'm independently wealthy.