Monday, February 1, 2010


In an email I received from NaBloPoMo, they had this to say: "Welcome to February, typically one of the more popular months for people to commit to daily blogging. Yes, it's the shortest month of the year, but I think this month's popularity may also be due to the fact that people like to complain about Valentine's Day and it takes them an entire month to really get it all off their chest."

What a novel idea! I really don't care to get anything off my chest regarding Valentine's Day, however I think blogging every day in February would be a delightful endeavor. There's lots of inspiration to be found in a month where we struggle to survive sub-zero temperatures and attempt to avoid cheesy jewelry commercials. In college, a group of guys I hung out with used to have a "F**k February" party, where everyone got a bit dressed up and drank alcoholic beverages out of trash cans. Super amazing fun.

Also, February brings the return of LOST (OMG! LOST!), the final weeks of the movie award season, and the 2010 Winter Olympics! February might be my favorite month!

Thank goodness it's not a leap year.

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