Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Learning curve.

Why is it that I have successfully posted HTML badges to my blog in the past, but yet always have to reteach myself how to do it? Is posting badges on my blog one of those things that refuses to stay in my mind, sort of like information about wine and what I wore yesterday?

In middle school and part of high school, I used to write down what I wrote, EVERY DAY, because I was fearful that I'd wear the same outfit in one week, or wear the same thing every Monday. Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice in one week, or having a special "Monday outfit", but I went to high school with girls who made Regina George look like a sweetheart. These girls remembered that shit, and were quick to remind you. Since this is my blog and I write the stories, I could lie and say "But I rejected their unreasonable behavior and wore the same flannel shirt every day for a week" (it was the early and mid-90's) but where's the fun in that? It's much better to reminisce about how you let a bunch of (we find out now, thanks to Facebook) bible-thumping-affirmative-action-hating-pro-life-preaching girls make you feel inferior about your clothes and then laugh at how far you've come as you snidely make fun of all their lame Facebook status updates.

I have a horrible memory for clothes, which is sorta hilarious when I think about how much I like clothes. During the winter, after I layer on my scarf, hat, gloves, and coat over my clothes, I often walk out the door and wonder "What am I wearing again?" This has baffled many women I've met, as some of them can remember what outfit they wore on a date with a guy who's name they can't remember, or what they wore to a party that resulted in them throwing up out a cab window.

On what side of this outfit debate do you stand on? Do you link certain memories with specific articles of clothing, or are you more about wearing clothes just because you can't go naked? By the way:

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