Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to NIMH

So, I can't really remember if I blogged about this much, but I had a little mouse invasion last November. It was gross and whatev, but my building managers seemed to TCB (take care of business) so I was, in theory, a-okay with it. In actuality, I have pretty much been extra jumpy since. The mice invasion occurred one week prior to the gunpoint mugging, so basically I have no escape from my jumpiness.

Thankfully, I've always been a jumpy person, in a way. I'm not really easily spooked but I am always hyper-aware of what's going on around me. I think it's from growing up with a brother and all male-cousins on one side of my family.

So, you can guess how I feel about having a "pet(s)" living in the wall between my bedroom and bathroom. Um...not really friendly feelings toward it/them. It/they was/were super loud and annoying for a week, I called the building manager, they offered to open up my wall and "get 'em". Umm...gross. I had visions of them cutting a hole in my wall and PANDEMONIUM breaking out, with mice (hopefully) hiding in every corner of my apartment. I hedged and said "Well...why don't we see if they leave before we take drastic measures...?"

Things have been quiet, but now we've gotten word that they trapped a RAT in the boiler room last week, and a girl in an apartment on the floor above me possibly had a rat in her apartment two nights ago (she apparently was missing part of her bathroom wall, which is crazy that she never got that taken care of before). They patched her wall, but OMG. Why why why!?

I'll tell you what I think...there is a building across the alley that has been vacant for probably about two years. They might as well post a neon sign that says "RODENT LODGING!" on it. Seriously, it's a BIG CITY. You can't let vacant building sit in a highly populated area! Our property manager said he was going to call the Alderman, but I think I'm also going to take charge on this one. There's nothing I like better than a little fight against the government. Ha!


kam said...

NIMH. That's funny.

Fighting mice (not sure about rats?!?!) in an apt. building is like fighting cockroaches in a restaurant. You must never give up the fight and be proactive. So...having an upstairs neighbor with gaping holes in her walls and an abandoned building across the street, it'll be rough. Maybe you can become the pied piper?

Anonymous said...

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