Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things I don't understand

or "My Life is Not a Movie But Maybe", a take on an Okkervil River song.

Due to a recent personal experience, and by "recent" I mean less than 24 hours ago, I now have a slightly better insight into the likes and dislikes of people who participate in armed robberies:

Your driver's license
Debit cards (2)
Credit cards (2)
Starbucks Gift Cards (2, but only one had any money on it)
Your student ID
Pocket Flashlights
Potbelly cookies (who doesn't?)

Charcoal-colored wool bags
Vera Bradley wallets
Your faculty ID
Gift Certificates
Museum Membership Cards
Lettuce Entertain You restaurants
The Limited (clearly they have awful taste if they don't like the LTD)
Combination locks
Bobbi Brown lipstick
Clip-on bowties
Mechanical pencils

More on this at a later date!

1 comment:

House of Jules said...

Holy crap, did you get mugged? I've been away from reading tweets the past couple of days b/c of this project I'm working on. I must've missed something. I hope you're okay!!!!