Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad ads

I wish I could remember what they are advertising, I think it's a casino, or maybe even Vegas, but there are several billboards around the city that I find extremely annoying.  They have random words on them that, when you say them out loud, make up a word like "amateur" or "hors d'oeurves".  I will make sure I pay better attention to what they are promoting next time I see one, but I just had to get it off my chest.  Bad advertising annoys me.

Are there any bad ads or commercials that get on your last nerve?


Gene said...

Any ads where the person is eating and talking at the same time irritate me. I don't want to listen to people talking with food in their mouths. Radio DJs that eat and smack food while broadcasting should be taken out and shot.

House of Jules said...

Bad adverts are a may-jah (!) peeve of mine too, especially b/c advertising & design is what I do. There are too many to list but I Herbal Essences is near the top of my shit list!