Friday, September 4, 2009

This is what job searching drives us to.

Cbusgrrl (4:17:54 PM): changing the subject for a brief moment...
Cbusgrrl (4:18:07 PM): I had a weird dream that I made out with John Gosselin
Cbusgrrl (4:18:10 PM): what?!
Dtownqt (4:21:14 PM): how was he?
Cbusgrrl (4:21:38 PM): not that great
Dtownqt (4:21:45 PM): was he wearing ed hardy?
Cbusgrrl (4:21:54 PM): he tried to have sex with me, but I said no
Dtownqt (4:21:57 PM): ed hardy boxer shorts?
Dtownqt (4:22:03 PM): shit...even in your dreams you are a tease.
Cbusgrrl (4:22:09 PM): I don't know about the shorts
Cbusgrrl (4:22:13 PM): I know!
Cbusgrrl (4:22:24 PM): He was still a douche in my dream
Cbusgrrl (4:22:54 PM): Kate came over and I had to hide in the closet
Dtownqt (4:26:10 PM): she will cut a bitch
Cbusgrrl (4:26:57 PM): I think the moral of the story is I need to make out
Cbusgrrl (4:27:02 PM): or more

SIDE NOTE - No, these are not our real AIM addresses, but I kinda wish they were.

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