Friday, March 27, 2009

Onward ho...

I realize I have been absent for a while and have no real excuse other than the following:
1) I, of course, procrastinated on school projects so the final weeks of the quarter were consumed with finishing things. I can happily say I successfully pulled it off and ended with A's in both classes. YAY! Always a relief. I am three classes and comprehensive exams away from completing my MA in organizational and multicultural communication and am determined to try my best to end it with a 4.0. This is a far cry from my undergraduate career where classes were something that got in the way of socializing, sorority meetings, flirting with fraternity boys (in my own lame way), playing solitaire, gossiping, etc.
2) My parents visited me this week for some good daddy-mommy-daughter time. We explored some new areas of Chicago and it was really fun. The Sooz (my mom) is a total history nerd (my dad is too, but not in the same capacity) and wanted to visit historic Pullman. It was a cool spot, and of course, depressing. As my dad repeatedly pointed out, this sort of disregard of significant historical structures and neighborhoods doesn't happen anywhere as often as it happens in the United States. After Pullman, we hopped over to Hyde Park so I could show them the University of Chicago...and we happened upon the home of the Obama's! We joked around about trying to find it, and I even texted one of my friends who used to live in the area for some direction, but before we heard back from her we came across it accidentally! They have the street blocked off, with cops stationed at either end of the street. You are not allowed to even WALK on the north side of the street, no joke. They will also not tell you which house is actually his (I recognized it from news reports), not even when I asked the cop "Will you give me a hint?". Clearly I am losing my tough with law enforcement officials. After all our sleuthing, we decided to eat at Dixie Kitchen. A great, cute spot with some yummy soul food. After, I jokingly said "We should go up to Evanston!", to which my dad replied "Cool! Let's go!" (maybe @iamdiddy stole his catch phrase from my dad...hmmm). So, north we went to Evanston, and literally just drove north until we realized we wanted to get back to the city to relax. It was a fun day!
3) Eharmony is not giving me much ammunition for funny, poignant blog posts because I have pretty much ignored it for the past two weeks. I spent some time on it today though, so who knows what that will bring. I am in the "short answer" stage with some guys, and one guy asked me some pretty amusing questions, such as "What's the best/most interesting Halloween costume you've even worn?" and "What cartoon/comic book character do you most relate to" (or something like that). I like the ingenuity.
4) Sometimes I am flat-out just lazy. I know I should be ashamed of it, but I prefer to be real about it.

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Jen said...

Oh man, I've been lazy too. My apartment needs to be cleaned, I need to work out, I should be job hunting more aggressively. Grad school just temporarily sucked the life out of me, and I haven't fully recovered yet. I'm getting there though.