Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How weird is this...

So I met this cute guy when I was in Columbus, OH (over Labor Day weekend) and now we are text-pals. For instance he sent me a text the day we met (we exchanged TM's), I sent him one a couple days later (again, a TM convo ensued), then he randomly sent one on a Saturday (that just said "Hey!", by the way. I replied and maybe three messages went back and forth), I sent him one the following Saturday regarding the Ohio State game (again, back and forth for a couple hours) and then he sent another "Hey!" Monday night (but I didn't get the message until hours later, because I was bowling and didn't check my phone until I was getting ready to leave).

Now this is all well and good, because when we met he mentioned he was going to be in Chicago in November (he lives several states over, and not in Ohio), and I was all trying to be flirty and cute and was like "You should give me a call, I'm a great tour guide" (gack!), so the whole point of these text messages is to keep in touch, so if/when he does come to Chicago he will maybe let me know. Or as my guy friend says, when he visits to Chicago he can maybe get a piece of ass (I'm okay with that. Well, in theory).

The best part of all this is that he might initiate the text messaging, and I'll write back (and I totally play sort of by "The Rules" and don't text back right away), however I ALWAYS send the last text (like he'll write, I'll respond and then NOTHING). So, who's playing by "The Rules" now?!