Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School makes me nervous.

So I am in two graduate classes right now, since before I was only able to take one at a time and currently have nothing holding me back (ie - no job). One of the classes started last Thursday, the other this week. I already feel completely and totally in over my head. Both classes require independent research projects, one relating to Language and Power, the other relating to issues relating to Organization Assimilation, along with separate group projects in both classes, questions due every week and discussion questions to be answered on a public forum once a week.

Ummmm. I feel kinda stupid. What is also awful is that a lot of the same people are in both classes, so in Tuesday's class they were all talking about the homework they finished (already) for Thursday's class. Now, I'll admit I am a chronic procrastinator, so much so that I basically force myself in to panic attacks. Why can't I get it together? I do not know. I have some theories but I'm not about to share them with you. But anyway, since I don't have anything binding my time (ie - not many set-in-stone appointments), I feel like it's getting worse. One would think "Wow, awesome! You can finish your homework so far in advance!" and immediately I think "Sure, maybe if I were a focused, disciplined Type A person, but I'm like a Type L person, L for LAZY." But I need to get my sh** together, because today I had a phone interview. I am so sure! Just when I thought I'd spend a quarter being a full-time student, a job I applied for that I NEVER imagined would call me back, CALLED ME BACK. Whoa.

In short, I might not get the job (but there's no shame in thinking positively), but regardless, I need to shape up!

And in a last-ditch effort to get you to feel sorry for me, one of the articles I have to read for next Tuesday's class is 108 pages long. YES. ONE of the articles. I'm sure you still don't feel sorry for me (because really, you shouldn't, I'm just whining), but I had to try...

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