Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 15 - The day I eat too many cheese curds

Today I had the great fortune of celebrating a Club 528 Reunion with my old roommates from Royal Oak. We decided to mark the occasion by visiting a ballpark we've never been to, since of course that totally makes sense for three single 30-something females. What better place to drink, act ridiculous, or even absurd, than among 35,000 other baseball fans? Off we were to Miwaukee, Wisconsin.

It was Lu's first time in the great state of Wisconsin, so I was determined to make her eat cheese curds, even though she had a less than favorable impression of them. Someone described them as "like balls of cottage cheese curds". That would not be my method of describing them, but to each their own. My experience with cheese curds really lies with fried cheese curds from that fantastic enterprise known as Culver's, but I was excited to try them at a ballpark. I cannot think of a descriptor adequate enough for the deliciousness that was Miller Park cheese curds. I can't say I would say they are "better" than CC's from Culver's, because each has a unique flavor, but they were fantastic. Lu, however, did not agree, and the face she made is the same face she generally reserves for downing shots, even when we tell the bartender to make it "something fruity".

Now Jen had never been to Culver's, so again I felt a responsibility to America and all things holy so Lu and I decided to take her there on the ride home. This was shortly after Lu and I ate butter-on-the-cob, discreetly disguised as corn on the cob, but we were willing to take one for the team and order up some Butterburgers. And a side of cheese curds, of course.

About 8 CC's in, I totally did not feel right, but man, I hate to see food go to waste so I had a couple more. Then I realized having a heart attack at 30 would be worse than wasting $2.50, so they ended in the trash. Afterall, I had a chocolate malt (heavy on the malt, which Jen, in her altered state, thought was the funniest thing she'd heard all day) to finish.

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kam said...

This might be my favorite post of yours. Killing me.