Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 17 - The day I drive to God's Country

I drove to northern Michigan to meet my family, immediate (minus bro) and extended, for a little rustic vacation. Since it was a six hour drive, I decided I'd try to listen to some of the local radio stations while on the western side of Michigan. I've always considered the western side of Michigan to be a little backward, mainly due to my experience with a certain ex-sister-in-law who had a knack for getting under my skin and boiling my blood like you wouldn't believe. We are talking sit-on-my-hands-so-as-to-not-rip-out-every-hair-on-her-head, or put my hands in my pockets so I didn't rip her skinny white-trash ass to shreds. She put the "zilla" in Bridezilla. You wouldn't even believe the stories if I told you, but I have witnesses. Perhaps I should write a story about it. I could call it "Take the Ring Back or Just Flat Out Run if Your Fiance Displays Any of These Tendencies," and I could submit it to a men's magazine like "Maxim" or "Men's Health". On the other hand, since I believe men like crazy women, they might actually LOOK for women who would display such psychotic behavior. There is no justice.

Well, years have passed and the frustration/pain has lessened (although I would not apply the brakes if she stepped in front of my car), so I thought I'd give the western side of the state another chance. After all, they do have quite a few Culver's over there on the pinky side of the mitten, that's got to say something about their people (other than they might be fat), right?

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they play some fantastic glam-rock songs (More Than Words anyone?!) but they also played Kid Rock. A LOT. It was such a good time and great sing-a-long music. Nothing better than hearing a dude sing about your state with such affection!

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