Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 5 - The day I volunteer and the day I get a bit drunk

Today was the day for the Aux Board's big event. While I wasn't on the actual planning committee for the event, I was responsible for being there to help set-up and basically doing whatever was needed.

From all indications, the event was a huge success. A bunch of my friends showed up and seemed impressed at the magnitude of it (I believe a lot of people never quite understand what it is that I do, and only when they see it with their own eyes do they start to realize I don't just join senseless shit) and it seems as though we raised a good bit of money for our cause. Hooray!

After we cleaned up a bit after the event it was off to the after-parties. Um. That's when things start to get a bit hazy. I remember falling in love no less than three times (but of course it was all in my head and I'm sure, in keeping with tradition, nothing will come of it), pretending to have a dance-off with a go-go dancer (who's space I apparently violated, because I do recall her gently pushing me out of her booty-shaking way) and being totally over-served. Ha! It definitely made for a slow moving Saturday.

Week one of unemployment is done. I think this means I can start getting paid unemployment! Yippee!