Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 6 - The day I have lunch with a former coworker

Disclaimer - I am only counting actual "work days" as unemployement days, since Saturday and Sunday's have not been "normal" working days.

So yes, I am looking for a new job. No, I can't say I am by any means "busting my ass" to look for a new job, but I am looking. I am trying to figure out what path I want to go down in life and want to be sure my next move is one that takes me closer to that path, however I realize a lot of job searching is a numbers game (much like dating, apparently), so I'm looking at a lot of different options.

Today I met a former coworker (not one from my group) for lunch. It was nice to see him and nice to hear some people from the venue have mentioned that they miss me. Apparently his department is even giving attitude to my old group, which is completely unnecessary (and I told him as much), but I'd be lying if I didn't think it was sweet. It's like their loyalty is with me and therefore the people who are remaining are the "enemy". I also heard some things that made me realize the place is really just like a grown-up version of a junior high, with the cattiness, politics, back-stabbing, etc. Apparently one of the hourly employees mentioned to my friend that she was really sad to see me go, and she thinks they let me go because I really "didn't mesh with the other girls" and she had heard I "didn't get along with them". Well. Ha! That's funny that she said that, because I never, ever, never said anything unfavorable about the girls I worked with to any of the hourly employees (I am much more professional than that) so I wonder where she got that from? Just more support for the idea that those girls would sell your soul if they thought it'd help them get ahead.

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