Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 2 - the day I start thinking "outside the box"

Some things I can do in Chicago that will not cost much money or are free:

1. Go to Green City Market to buy fruit, vegetables and a pet plant from local vendors. I love being green.
2. Ride all the CTA lines. I am a frequent rider of Red and Brown lines and have been on Blue, but am a complete stranger to Pink, Green, Purple (which is really just Red express, but still) and Orange. Where do these lines go? Inquiring minds want to know.
3. The beach! Going to the beach during the day, even while I sport SPF 70, when most people are at work will be a lot better (in my opinion) then heading there on the weekends with all the 23 years olds.
4. Musuems! Sometimes they are free during the day.
5. Matinee movies on rainy days. They are much cheaper, especially thanks to my student discount, and will hopefully have less loud popcorn eaters at them.
6. Run errands on non-peak times. The amount of stress and road-rage that will be removed from my existence is enough to make me skip.
7. A new one I just was made aware of while typing this entry - free iced coffee samples at McDonald's on June 18 - 20, from like 2 - 4 p.m. I can't find the link but I swear I just saw the commercial!
8. Go to the library. I love libraries.
9. Drive around the city, exploring new neighborhoods, without driving alongside one million other people.
10. Take a field trip to the suburbs. I have lived here for two years but still have not been to Woodfield Mall. That is a travesty!

More to come...

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