Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target: or the story of how I got out of there alive.

If you follow me on Twitter (@Kpengell) you may have seen me tweet my excitement about the MISSONI for Target collection. The collection was set to be in stores on September 13, so I had it on my calendar with the intention to arrive at the store when it opened for a fun "before work" field trip.

Big mistake.

Apparently the majority of the women (let's be real, it was all women) in the store when I arrived had been waiting in line since 6 AM! !!! That's ridiculous, no? Many of them said they had also been stalking the website all night (before target.com crashed.)

Some of the women at the store were atrocious, hoarding carts FULL of merchandise, multiples of each design and size, and if you asked "Hey, do you really need three pairs of the size 8 flats?" They'd say "Well, what do you have to trade?" Thankfully I was able to keep my cool and not snap "Well bitch, how can I have anything to trade when you and your two friends have pretty much cleaned out every shelf?"  I really, really wanted to. I did shame a woman who was standing in line behind me when she said "I probably won't keep half of this...it's selling on Ebay for three times the price!" I was all "See, I am Irish Catholic, and we are big believers in karma, and I think doing something like that is just asking for it." She double-backed and said "You know, I've been up all night and haven't slept...you're probably right. I don't think I'm thinking straight."

Many people were calmly waiting by the designated MISSONI shelves, however people caught on that when Target team members were rolling merchandise out of the stock room, desperate shoppers were grabbing things off the cart, leaving it bare and sad by the time it reached it's actual stocking location.  It was all Lord of the Flies up in there, for realz.  When they rolled a cart full of shoes out of the stock room, about ten women LUNGED at the car, throwing elbows, pulling hair, shoving, etc. Some other women tried to take video of it, much to the disdain of the Target team members. I think Target could have benefited from some security detail, no joke.

I was able to score some pieces in the store, mostly due to kind shoppers who realized they weren't going to buy everything in their cart.  My morning haul:

The cardigan...full outfit is a bit much!

The turtleneck seen on Ms. Missoni herself (on the left).
I was also able to score four plastic drinking tumblers, which is good because my Liberty of London for Target cups are a little worse for wear, and a pink cardigan that I can't seem to find on the Lookbook (and ALAS, the target.com site is down AGAIN!)

You might think "Wow Kristen, nice job! Some people weren't able to get anything!" But alas. I am not done. I also purchased some things during a rare moment of the website being up, and my dear mother went to my hometown Target and got this haul (yes, the flats are there in the middle...sqqquuuueeeelllll!)

Will I keep everything? No, not a chance.  I will NOT, however, be a mean, heartless person and sell it on Ebay for five TIMES the price tag. That's just rude. I might sell on Ebay at regular price but I'm really more likely to return it to the store.

Would really like a throw blanket, but we can't always get what we want, can we?!

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