Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magical Creatures

The prompt for September 1 was "What magical creature would you love to meet?" My mind immediately turned to the Harry Potter series and I thought about Hedwig, Harry's owl, or Dobby, the loyal house elf. If you've read the series, you know what happens to both of them...and if you haven't read the series, I understand your apprehension, as I was initially all "WTF? Sci-fi? That's weird. I'm not reading those stupid books!" but then I read the first one and COULD NOT GET ENOUGH. So good.

I always loved seeing both of them appear on the page or screen. Their loyalty, determination, and bravery always warmed my heart. Hedwig might not really be "magical", as I'm not sure what powers that pretty white owl possessed, but flying around delivering mail is pretty cool, right?

A cool magical creature to meet would be the one that could serve as a personal assistant.  That'd be cool. Maybe I'll have to write a short story and include one!

Per usual, my goal is only to blog every day...asking me to blog something interesting/insightful is just asking a lot, okay?

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