Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quote from someone's mom.

Last week, one of my mom's friends passed away suddenly. While this woman was not the picture of perfect health, she was not sick to the point where people would purse their lips, shake their heads and think "It's just a matter of could be any moment..." She was living day-to-day, taking her meds, enjoying her friends and family. One day it was hard to wake her up, and the next day she was dead.

When my mom heard the news she was on the phone with the woman who is probably my mom's "best friend", if we're still doing that. This woman is very classy, poised, and proper. When you go to her house, not a hair on her head or a pillow on the couch is out of place. She wasn't raised in the south but channels a lot of southern charm, minus the pink lipstick (she does, however, sort of have big hair.) She's well-spoken and a gracious hostess. She is not someone you'd expect to drop f-bombs on the regular, but apparently she does (according to my mom, who wouldn't lie about something like that.)

After my mom returned to her phone conversation to tell Best Friend that the woman who my mom was planning on visiting in the hospital later that afternoon was now dead, can you guess what Best Friend said?

Something to the effect of "...and that's why we need to seize the fucking day, every day."

Truth. I am now going to say "STFD" to myself every morning when I wake up. I'm not going to worry about money when I'm planning a vacation. I'm not going to spend another year in an apartment that I've grown to resent. I'm not going to let my insecurities weigh me down and prevent me from trying new things, experiencing new adventures, etc.

How will you seize your fucking day? Do tell.


Jen said...

I sold my couch today...which means I will be couch-less for several months, but I hate that couch! I didn't like it when I bought it, but it was a cheap hand-me-down, and the couple was moving into a nursing home, so I was sort of doing them a favor, and it beat my futon. BUT I have grown to loathe that f'ing couch, and I randomly posted it to Craig's List this morning, and I had 5 offers within an hour. Now I'm couch-less, but $110 richer. STFD indeed!

Kristen said...

Jen, I love this! You are so right...why have things in your living space that you hate/resent/loathe? WE SHOULDN'T! Most of my furniture is hand-me-down/recycled. I like most of it, but don't love much of it (does that make sense!?) I might need to give it all a hard look.