Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday snack.

I would not call myself someone who "cooks." I always consider "making food" to be a more accurate way to describe what I do in the kitchen. I'm a pretty thrifty person as it relates to many things and know that dining in regularly is the best for your budget. I usually try to make a balanced meal: protein, carb, veggies, and often I create odd combinations that I enjoy but that I would not think of serving to others.  If it's been a week+ since I've been to the grocery store, my meals get a little more...interesting, as I am evangelical about trying to use up all my food before it spoils.

I just made one of my funny meals and DAMN. Is it good! Here's what I did:

Warm 1-2 tsp olive oil
Add garlic, cook.
Add chopped bell pepper (I used yellow, but any color will do)
After garlic and pepper has cooked a little, add chopped mushrooms.
Cook those three for a little bit (I added hot sauce and some curry powder here), then add raw spinach
Once spinach has wilted down, add chopped cooked chicken leftover from weekly salads. Warm chicken.
Add your favorite salsa that you must use before it goes bad (so unfair that I can only get this in MI.) Warm salsa.
Eat with a fork, pita chips, or tortilla chips while watching one of your new favorite things.
Stare at dishes in sink and say "F that noise!" as you decide to write a quick post on your neglected blog.



House of Jules said...

The perfect shout-out!!! Love it!

Lesley said...

I echo Jules' comment...but for a different tag!