Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tough love and fun.

I wish I had the chance to write more, but my attempt at eliminating (let's be honest, more like "reducing") procrastination from my life has provided me little time to to pull together my thoughts to post anything interesting/mildly amusing.  Overall, the challenge is going OKAY.  I still have a black-belt/Olympic gold medal/Stanley Cup/championship ring in the art of rationalizing my choices (i.e. - "But getting a bikini wax and my eyebrows done instead of working on my schoolwork will make me FEEL more pulled together, which will result in me being more productive and efficient at doing what actually NEEDS to be done...")

I am becoming horribly aware that I suffer from a horrible handicap in time management in that I drastically underestimate how long something will take.  Sometimes I overestimate how long things will take, like cleaning my bathroom (really, it's about 2 ft by 3 my mind it feels like it will take a long time, but in theory it does not), but for the most part I underestimate things by about an hour/1.5 hours.  Ack.  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to break this habit, but I think making more realistic to-do lists is a good place to start.

In happier news, I'm going to a reunion for my sorority this weekend!  I got outfit ideas from a fellow great! I ended up getting this dress (for about $50, thanks to an awesome sale) but am going to totally use her advice and look into those ideas for other events.

Final thought: BEISBOL!

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