Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday, on the first day of Lent, I woke up around 5:30 am to use the ladies (I just have one bathroom, so it's actually unisex, but it sounds fancier to call it "the ladies".) I was a little stunned to be waking up to go to the bathroom at that time and thought to myself "Should I just stay up?  Is it procrastinating to lay back down?" but then decided I'd lay down and see what happened.

Well, if you know me, you know that falling asleep is not something I find difficult. I feel asleep but woke back up at 6:45 am. This time, I was like "GET YO' ASS OUTTA BED. STOP PROCRASTINATIN'!"

So I got out of bed.

The day started on a high note, with me doing the following before leaving work:
1. Getting out of bed, fully, before my alarm. This has probably happened never before in my life.
2. Putting away clothes that had been drying on my drying rack.
3. Taking out my trash.
4. Washing all my breakfast dishes (I usually leave them in the sink to take care of when I get home).
5. RSVPing for a wedding shower.
6. Emailing a friend to see if she wants to go to a networking event with me.

Unfortunately, as it often does, the work day brought it's own set of challenges. I did get quite a bit done at work and was able to cross some things off my list that have been on there for a couple days (lingering because they were/are not urgent, but still lingering nonetheless) providing me with an accomplished feeling. My plans for the night were slightly derailed when a coworker walked into my office and asked "What are you doing tonight?" My response "Yoga." His response "(my wife) just scored some tickets to Bon Jovi tonight at the United Center...interested?" My response "Oh, that sounds so fun! Have a great time...I really can't..." We chatted for a bit (and I was a bit short, as I was frantically trying to finish up some stuff before heading out the door to get to the other campus to teach) and then he left.

About three minutes after I left I thought "WTF Kristen? BON JOVI. Free! You know you'd never pay for that concert but you know it'll be a great time." I quickly sent him an email apologizing for being short and basically saying "I'm kind of an asshole, I hope you forgive me, but yes. JON BON. Let's do this."

I'm all kinds of conflicted about it, but I will say it was an amazing time. The purpose of this Lenten journey is not to beat myself up, make myself have less fun, or anything of the sort. It's getting me more conscious of how I spend my time and learn how to spend it in a way that brings me closer to my goals. Last night, my impromptu goal was to spend time singing "YOUR LOOVVVE IS LIKE BAAAADD MEDICINE, BAD MEDICINE IS WHAT I NEED."  No regrets.

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