Sunday, February 6, 2011

Show Recap: Fitz & The Tantrums


I know epic is a word that's tossed around a lot, especially in the hipster, indie rock, or intellectual sets, but I have to say, I think it's an appropriate term to describe the Fitz & The Tantrums concert I attended last night at the Metro.

The XRT show I saw at the Abbey Pub at 5:30 was awesome and got me REALLY excited for the full concert at the Metro. As the start time for the Metro show got closer, I started to get a little twinge of worry that maybe I was looking forward to it TOO MUCH, ie - that the anticipation of watching them perform would make the actual performance a little underwhelming.  I can say with conviction that I was wrong!  They not only met expectations but surpassed them ten-fold.  I honestly think it's one of the best concerts I've ever attended.  The crowd ATE THEM UP and it was clear that the band was having a great time jamming (for the first time ever, as this was their first visit to Chicago) with the people of Chicago.  I have no doubt that they'll be back, and they'll have to play at a larger venue, as they sold out the Metro (1100 capacity) and I'm sure 80% of the attendees last night will buy tickets to their next show and want to bring friends.

They are on tour right now, so if they are coming to a city near you, GET THERE.  You will dance, you will clap, you will sing along.  So many of my favorite things!

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