Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What to put in a Christmas stocking?

I found a cute little poem regarding what to put in a Christmas stocking for an adult while reading this funny article on Jezebel.

A Christmas stocking, for anyone, contains:

Something to eat,
Something to read,
Something to play with,
and Something they need.

Ummm, so cute. I'm thinking: something to eat - candy, a baked good (try making these Red Velvet Cookies, or order beautiful macaroons); something to read - cute little book that is either hilarious, interesting, or just plain fun; something to play with - Lego kit, mini Etch-a-Sketch; something they need - mini alcohol bottles, Starbucks/Gas/7-11/McDonald's/grocery store gift card, socks, something for the kitchen, chapstick (obviously something better than the boring, normal brand), fancy soap, etc.

What would you put in a stocking if you were following the above rules?

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