Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good advice on aging.

Great comment from a Jezebel reader:
"The hilarious thing about it all (aging) to me is that I'm actually more comfortable with my looks now than I was in my twenties.

I mean, I'm aware of the signs of aging and a little upset by them sometimes, but I guess the unexpected flipside of being told constantly to fear aging and that women become hideous at 30 or 35 is that when you hit that age and you look pretty much the same other than a few small lines and a few gray hairs it's like...oh. So that was all bullshit, then, and a 31 year old woman pretty much looks like a 29 year old woman, and a 37 year old woman pretty much looks like a 34 year old woman? And I don't really have to change anything about the way I dress or do my hair or whatever other than maybe thinking about dye to cover the gray's until it's all white?

Well that was a whole lot of worry over nothing, then."

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