Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Closing out 2010.

The next couple posts will likely have to do with new year's resolutions; making them, breaking them, deciding on them, etc., as NY's resolutions are a favorite thing of mine.  I know they are not popular for many people, but I think they are fun.  It's fun to think of ways to improve your life/yourself/your habits, or to set little goals to accomplish.

One problem I generally have with making resolutions is narrowing them down.  I get a little out of hand and sometimes make various CATEGORIES, like "personal", "career", and/or "health & fitness", and then make several resolutions under each category.  F*** that noise - that is way too involved to be attainable.

I just read this article and am putting it here for your reading pleasure and for future reference, as my resolution making decisions have not been finalized.

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