Friday, November 5, 2010

Bless his heart.

Yesterday while working with my student graphic designer, there was another student on a computer next to us.  He said he was looking for electives to take next quarter because he has fulfilled most of the requirements for his major. Apparently he'll be able to take mostly electives for the remainder of his college career.  I asked him "What's your major?" and he said "Public relations and advertising with minor in sociology".  I said, without a lot of hesitation, "Take Spanish, if you don't already know how to speak it." He said "Spanish...why?"

*blink blink*

Really?  For real?

I stated "Well, if you're looking to stay in the Chicago area, you will have a competitive advantage over other candidates if you are bi- or multilingual.  They are always seeking candidates who can speak Spanish, since there is such a large Spanish-speaking population in Chicago, and it's the fastest growing demographic in the country..."

He said "What about French?"

I said "Ummmm...there's not really as much of a demand, but of course any language is a bonus.  Do you have an idea of a career path?"

He said "I'd like to get into luxury good sales...I mean, it's such a different experience to sell a $350,000 car than a $20,000 car.  I'd like to sell really high-priced items..."

Oh honey-child. Does he not understand that 1) those positions are usually given to people with a lot of sales experience, and 2) not a whole ton of people are buying $350,000 cars these days.

I could tell I wasn't going to get through to him, as he soon said "Maybe I should take Ethics in Computer Games and Cinema..."


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