Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My version of heaven.

My Friday night was a night of firsts.  One, first time going to a concert at the Chicago Theatre (I KNOW! How could that be?!) and two, first time seeing Sufjan Stevens live.

Did you ever read the book "The Lovely Bones"? I remember I took the book to Hilton Head on a family vacation, and while it is definitely NOT a beach read, I thought the book was touching and lovely and sad and stirred up all the emotions a good book should. In the book they talk about how everyone's heaven is different, because it's dependent upon what makes you the happiest, so although you are indeed reunited with people you love who have passed before you, your individual experience varies. I like this. I don't mean to get into a metaphysical/religious discussion, I personally am not honestly sure what I believe as it relates to heaven/hell/afterlives, etc., but sometimes I find the thought of a perfect little place with all my favorite things, favorite people, favorite views, etc. really comforting.

My heaven would of course have my family dogs, Penny (who I lived with from birth - 7th grade) and Murphy (freshman year of high school until 4 years ago), my family members who have passed away, lots of chocolate, lots of Earl Gray and Awake tea, candy, a sun that never burns your skin, furry squirrels, horses that are easy to ride, a ski hill that is exhilarating but not too hard to navigate, an unlimited supply of music, a dentist (if you still have to take care of that stuff when you are in heaven. I hate dirty teeth), someone to blow my hair out so I never again have to blow dry my own hair, a cool kitchen with self-washing dishes so I could play around in the kitchen but never again have to wash a dish, a facialist, great sheets, Allure magazine, champagne fountains, excellent beer, lots of great books, and monthly concerts from Rilo Kiley, my favorite band.

And the angels in my heaven?  They will sound just like this:

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