Thursday, May 6, 2010

New look.

I have this awesome talent of, when I have legit things to do (i.e. - pack for my trip home, clean my kitchen floor, etc.), thinking of about one million more things that I "have" to do.  Tonight I had these grand plans to get my apartment really clean so it's in tip-top shape when I get home late Sunday night after the weekend in Michigan.  While I've made progress on that goal, I'm no where near where I could have been if I had only STUCK TO THE TASK.  This is one of those times I wished I had a Type A personality.  In place of cleaning and packing and general TCB'ing (so I've been alerted that not everyone knows what that means.  TCB = take care of business) I've been browsing through my iTunes, looking at sports scores, reading Twitter and Facebook, and picking a new template for this here blog.  I generally don't look at my blog in the actual format since I mostly operate from the Blogger Dashboard, but I thought a change might be nice.  Hope it's easy to read!

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