Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movies I haven't seen...

...that maybe everyone else has?

Iron Man
The Hangover
40 Year Old Virgin
Titanic (at this point it's become sort of legendary)


Siren_song said...

Borat and Titanic don't bother.
Iron Man however was movie perfection for me. You don't have to watch it immediately, but whenever you want a good night in check it out. I (to my husbands shame) have never seen Scarface. Actually I fell asleep watching Scarface so I don't count it.

Kristen said...

I definitely think I'll rent it some night. I just wish I had a better TV to watch it on. I'm make sure to catch #2 in theaters!

H.C.Briner said...

I have seen Titanic and the hangover, great movies i love3 them both but i M not you so therefor pay no attention to my oppinions and my misspelling!