Tuesday, April 27, 2010

While the cat's away?

So, you might know there have been some rodent issues in my apartment building.  Management has been very attentive but it's never pleasant when multiple rats have been trapped in various parts of your building.  Some had taken residence in the wall between my bedroom and bathroom for the time period of early January until early March, which provided me with countless nights of horrible sleep, crazy rodent dreams, and a general sense of "ickyness".

Last Tuesday night, after getting to bed late, I started to hear some very familiar, and completely unwelcome, noises.  Looks like those bit**es are back.

While I've been in NOLA (knock on wood), my building management was supposedly going to come in, open up the wall, and lay a ton of traps (after shutting my bedroom door) in an attempt to exterminate the unwanted guests from my wall.  How come I always miss all the fun?!*


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