Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unbelievable and offensive.

Last night, while grading midterms, I had the television on for background noise and heard a promo for this week's 20/20. Here it is:

My reaction? Not favorable. I believe my exact words were "Are you fu**ing kidding me 20/20"? "The Woman Who Didn't Stand By Her Man"...that's your byline for this story? How horribly and sexist is that?! (in case you were wondering, VERY!) No offense to Tammy Wynette, of course, but that song came out in 1968. Give it a rest!

Are we still in a place where a woman who decides to leave her cheating husband is abnormal or breaking societal norms? Shouldn't the byline be "The Woman Who Took a Stand Against her Cheating Man?"


kam said...

Incredible. A big part of the story is how she wouldn't go to his confession speech like other political wives have done. Plus the fact that she moved out of the Governor's mansion pretty quickly. I commend her for those actions. I just kind of wish every scandal didn't end in a book deal though.

Which brings me to MacKenzie Phillips. Now, the incest wasn't consensual. Her dad was an obvious scum for numerous reasons, and incest is believable...but the guy can't defend himself from the grave. She did sell a lot of books though.

VaNeSsA said...

OMG! And Barbara Walters actually had the gall to ask her if she felt responsible in some way for her husband's cheating. EXCUSE ME?!?! Is Barbara Walters really a man? What woman in her right mind would ask a betrayed woman such a thing. I was yelling at the TV. Sick.