Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun with Oscar.

As part of my pledge to blog every day in February, I am going to give my reviews/thoughts on the ten movies nominated for Best Picture.  Not only could this potentially open up great dialogue with you, my devoted readers, but it will also guarantee I have at least ten things to blog about.

Two birds.

One stone.


I'll give you a fair warning that I'm very much an "in the moment" movie watcher.  For instance, there are maybe only four movies in the world that I can quote off the cuff, and none of those movies are considered cinematic masterpieces.  They are Heathers ("Did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast?", "F**k me gently with a chainsaw"), Grease ("Sloppy seconds ain't my style...", as well as pretty much all the words to every song), The Cutting Edge ("TOE PICK!"), and Clueless ("You're a virgin who can't drive", "It doesn't say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty!", along with many random expressions).  I am not one who catches on to movie references very quickly, as I tend to see them, process them for a period lasting anywhere from ten minutes to two hours, and then kinda forget about them.  I am more likely to become obsessed with the location, clothes, or general attitude of a story more than what the characters actually said, or maybe even the plot/point of the movie.

For instance (this isn't a spoiler since it wasn't nominated for Best Picture), I saw Nine with my parents when I was home for Christmas.  Upon getting up out of my seat at the conclusion of the movie, I said to my mom "Let's pretend like we are really fluid, sensual, 'poetry in motion'-type women as we walk out of the theater", which then prompted me basically pretend like I was a burlesque dancer as we walked out to the car.  My mother was laughing, and my dad, per usual, was a bit oblivious to the whole "social experiment".  I'm positive some people were looking, probably in wonderment and amazement at the uber-sexy creature (me, duh) walking out of a seemingly ordinary movie theater in Downriver, but since they were all either under 21 or over 60, it didn't really matter.

That being said, expect these movie reviews to be completely devoid of any cinematic analysis or really, any intelligence, but more about what the movie made me want to do, read, buy, wear, eat, save, visit, etc.  If you want a reputable movie review, go visit one of my favorite tweeps, Roger Ebert.

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