Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is not helping.

I saw a commercial for the Liberty of London for Target collection, set to hit stores on March 13th.

I covet.

I love pretty much every London designer and this is no exception.  Liberty is an iconic design house, the prints in the commercial were fabulous, and I immediately put "Liberty collection at Target" on my Google calendar. does this fit into my "simple living" pledge?

You are doesn't.  It also doesn't fit into my "you are so incredibly broke you better only spend money on food and shelter for the next five to ten weeks" plan.

I will probably still go to Target to check it out.  Believe it or not, I have incredible control when it comes to looking at things, loving them, but leaving them in the store.  Sometimes it's just nice to look at pretty things.

Also, looking at them in the store will undoubtedly confirm that all the pieces were made in China, and I've been trying to minimize my "Made in China" purchases.  Limiting your "Made in China" purchases is also a great way to stick to a budget, because ALMOST EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA.

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