Sunday, November 15, 2009


A friend and I have decided we are going to come up with positive themes for each month, in an effort to try to steer our life in positive directions.  The theme for NOvember, which just sounds negative, is YESvember.  This isn't anything like "We have to say yes to all invitations/propositions" (I'm totally wishing I got propositioned), but more about reframing things to be positive, not negative.  It's so easy, especially when the weather gets a little chillier and the days get shorter (dark at 5 p.m.? SOB!), to be a negative Nancy.

In an effort to be more positive, I've decided that I'm going to try to trick myself into thinking that everyone I meet is going to be totally enamored with me.  This does not have to be in a romantic sense, but can be in a "you're so cool" or "you're so interesting" sense.  Obviously I wouldn't turn away from a romantic sense, but I wanted to be a bit more general.  People always say that confidence is sexy, so I'm going to try to put that to the test.

Positive results thus far = this is difficult to measure, since sometimes people can be fake (not very YESvember of me), but I think at least two.  One was a grad student at a school I'm looking into for a PhD program, the other was a group of guys when I was at work one night.
Days left in YESvember = 15.

Here's to hoping the end of YESvember is more fruitful than the beginning.  Any ideas for a December theme?


Gene said...

How about at the end of each day in December, you list one positive thing that happened from the day before? Then at the end of the month and year you can list 31 great things that happened to you. I had been listing 6 positive things that happened to me the day before in my journal, but I've been slacking lately. I need to start again.

House of Jules said...

Oooh, I like "YESvember"! So great!