Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The pressure!

One of my least favorite activities in the whole wide world is picking out eyeglasses.  For some reason, it tends to exacerbate my neurotic hangups.  All of a sudden I start obsessing about my crooked ears, my close-set eyes, or my relatively petite nose (which in theory is good, but makes eyeglasses sit a bit lower on my face than I'd like).  Not to mention eyeglass stores tend to have really crisp lighting which seems to point out the new wrinkles I've acquired, my roots, and the lovely under-eye circles I'm sporting (I blame the mice nightmares I've been having...true story).

While paying for the glasses I picked out (which is kinda nonsense, as I hate paying people for things they HAVEN'T DONE YET...I'll save that for another post) I said "You know, it's so unfair that glasses are so expensive (thankfully I still have vision insurance for the rest of this month)...it's not like we WANT to have to wear them."  I mean honestly.  I'm totally unable to go about my day like a normal human being without some form of visual assistance.  All of these things (eyeglasses, contacts, seeing-eye dogs, canes) cost money.  How is that fair?  It then made me think about how aggravated I get buying tampons.  It's not that tampons and pads/sanitary napkins in of of themselves annoy me (well, okay...maybe it is) but the fact that we have to PAY for them, and that they are not cheap, really annoys me.  Why do women have so many more things they have to spend their money on than men do?  This burns me, especially since women still only make about 82 cents to the dollar that a man makes for doing the same job.

What are other things (necessities) that women have to pay for that men don't?  Is there anything that goes the other way?


House of Jules said...

Girl, don't even get me started on how much we pay for cute bras/underwear... or the price of the "monthly cotton" items we have to buy. It's ridiculous!

kam said...

Nowadays, I can't think of anything that only a man has to buy. Although...back in the day, I guess they bought dinner. :) On a side note, I had to present to "management" at my Brazil audit. 14 men, one woman (HR assistant). Discouraging.

Gene said...

There are tons of things that men NEED to have that we pay a lot of money for.

1) Beer
2) Cable television
3) Football game tickets
4) Shaving cream and razors

Have you seen what those fancy cable packages and season tickets cost? Mercy.

Lesley said...

I beg to differ with Gene on item #4. Men don't really NEED to shave unless they want to but women on the other hand, well, frankly we do. Or I'm quite certain we would not get laid. :)

Kristen said...

Gene, I pay money for beer. I do not, however, need cable television, but I do need high speed internet.

I also NEED sporting tickets, although not necessarily football...more like baseball. This is not a cheap hobby.

Men certainly don't need to shave around me, as I adore beards. But I do promote manscaping in order to keep it at the perfect indie-hipster-tortured intellectual length.

Gene said...

Beard sculpting costs money, sister!