Thursday, November 26, 2009

Loyalty and dogs.

While I've been visiting my parents, we've had my brother's dog at the house.  My brother doesn't live far, but I love my niece-pup, and he's been at work all day, every day, so everyone wins.  I've taken her to the park with my mom and with my dad.  As my dad and I are driving away from the park after a nice long walk, where Bailey (dog) chased lots of squirrels up trees, she's got her head out the window and is just loving up on life.  My dad, who is a total softie in some aspects but a total curmudgeon in others, states "Look at her...she could be in the car with SERIAL KILLERS and she wouldn't care, as long as they just took her to the park and gave her treats."

What do you think?  Do you think dogs are loyal (have you read The Odyssey?) or do you think they are fickle, quick to love anyone who feeds them and treats them right?

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kam said...

I think dogs are both. Sometimes I'm so surprised at how Katie will just jump into other peoples laps, etc. like she loves them as much as me, but when she sees me after one of my trips, she gives me love like only she'd give me.

(upon reading my comment, it sounds really dirty...maybe I shouldn't have given her a human name)