Friday, November 27, 2009

Come now!

Yesterday I went to the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade with my dad.  Once there we met my cousin, her husband, and their four year old son.  We met at a great place (also a great bar!) for breakfast and then walked to Woodward to set up for the parade.  While it was a little crowded, it wasn't horrible and better than we expected.  We situated the four year old at the street level and stood behind him.

As the starting time of the parade got closer, more and more people started gathering around us.  This is, of course, expected, as parades are in general well-attended events.  The weather was chilly, but not raining or snowing and not as bad as it has been in years past.

What I found completely appalling and annoying was when people would roll in during the parade and would honestly stand right in front of everyone who's been there, camped out, since who knows when.  This teenager, probably 15/16 was literally standing directly in front of my four year old cousin.  I kept asking my cousin's husband "Do you want me to talk to her?  Do you want me to move her?"  One woman who was there before we got there was fulfilling the roll of master regulator and was clearing out the riff-raff/rude people, but was unfortunately too big of a job for any one person.

Since when did manners become so unfashionable?  I see it happen ALL THE TIME, but unfortunately I'm still consistently appalled.  Do you witness the same things?!

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Tracey said...

Okay, 1) I found your blog using the "next blog" function, which is like, amazing, since two weeks ago all I could kind was arabian porn and malaysian hair band ads. Your blog I like.

2) From what this Californian has heard in the media, I am surprised that there are any people left in Detroit.

And 3) Teenagers are rude. I try to cut them come slack because in most cases no one has taught them to be any differently. And that is the truly sad part. They are not being selfish. They ARE selfish. There is no one else. Okay, now I am depressed.

I still like your blog though.