Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Karma called, and she didn't sound happy..."

This posts title is from one of my favorite stationary companies. Check it out here.

In the past month, I've ran into the following:
1. A girl who once accused me of sleeping with one of her good guy friends (I hadn't. There are few things as unfair as being accused of sleeping with a guy when you didn't but totally wanted to.) and countless other misdeeds (she once introduced me to one of her friends by saying "This is Kristen...she's a total bitch but I love her to death.")
2. A guy I once went out with when I lived in Detroit, who now lives in Chicago, who had awful table manners and would never tell me his age (dude, I know how to google your ass.)
3. Two fraternity brothers of my college boyfriend who I hardly knew because they were a couple years younger than me (but recognized). One stated he does stand-up comedy with my ex-boyfriend (they asked me who I dated from their fraternity). I do not recall him being *that* funny?
4. A guy I had a maybe crush on who I hung out with a couple times (only solo one time, and everything was very G-rated) and whose friend (who my friend and I thought was gay) asked me out in front of him. Um...clearly my crush was not reciprocated.

--Note, numbers 2, 3, and 4 all happened within five days of each other.

Then I take my car in (which is newly paid off and all MINE MINE MINE) because the brakes were acting a little funny. The car people gave me an estimate that about equaled four months of payments. Let me again mention I am without full-time work (i.e. - a paycheck).

Okay, my life is generally super weird and random, but this is a little out of hand. I've decided it's one of two things:

1. See title post.
2. Life is putting all this in front of me because something really fantastic, amazing, life-altering, etc. is going to happen soon.

Your thoughts?

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