Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Poem for Briggs

By my great-grandmother, Sylvia Madison Dowling. I wonder if Cubs fans would be comforted by a poem if/when the name of Wrigley changes?

Briggs Stadium

They say there's nothing in a name,
And I guess the saying's true;
But changing the name of Navin Park,
Has worried quite a few.

In the baseball lineup every year,
Old faces gone, new ones appear;
Few things in this life stay the same,
So let's not worry about a name.

The man for whom the park was named,
Has passed beyond the blue;
But we know that he would like the change,
And think it the proper thing to do.

Do we need a name to remember him,
That kind and friendly man;
Admired and loved by everyone,
Without a trace of sham.

Let's do as he would have us do,
And give a rousing cheer;
When they christen Briggs Stadium
Within the coming year.


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